Our Mission

Provide services and handmade, custom products to help people on their journey to their best life.

How it all started!

In 2022, Valeria began actively working on the business plan with Co-Founder Francisco (Fiancée) laying the foundation for what is now Nova Girl Corp. Originally, the business launch was a few years away in the plans. However, in early 2023, due to deteriorating health, Valeria was faced with the prospect of leaving her job. To cover their bills and medical expenses, they decided to complete the website they had been working on and May 22, 2023, our first website was successfully launched, offering tarot and oracle readings, along with a collection of handmade bead bracelets and crystal elixir necklaces. Late 2023 Transitioning our website development to Shopify has significantly benefited the business and most importantly improved our work flow. As a young couple working on a business and learning how to deal with health problems mistakes were made and timlines have been missed. However, in 2024 as sales started to rise, the workload increased, leading to a crucial decision. Thus came our Executive Assistant, West, joined the team, and ever since then, our business has been growing and evolving.

Our vision

Create products for disabled folx, particularly those with eclectictastes and a belief in something more, that will further help them on theirjourney, all while maintaining authenticity, accessibility, and sustainability

Meet Our CEO & Founder

Nova Girl originated as a concept scribbled in an old notebook over two years ago. Despite having some knowledge about managing a business, I was clueless about starting one from scratch. How do you initiate something when you lack a starting point? What unique skills do I possess? These were the questions I pondered when embarking on this entrepreneurial venture. What significance would it hold for me?I delved into numerous videos, books, podcasts and articles on starting a business and crafting one that truly resonated with me. I began procuring materials for our jewelry line and developed our initial website, which marked the opening of our appointments.